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LP Pro Pod
Light weight 3.2 oz
Folding kickstand
Spring loaded
Stays on Bow
Stays folded
Works on most bows
Stabilizer combinations
Easily slips into pocket or quiver
Price: $14.49
Allen Set
Nine different wrench sizes .050" thru 3/16". Fits most rest and sight allen head screws through the small weight bolt size.
American Made.
Price: $9.99
Bowmaster Portable Bow Pree
The Bowmaster's long range of pull eliminates the need for precise bow lenght adjustment.
This allows use of a multiple stop cable with 1 1/4" adjustments in place of the bulky rods used by other portable bow presses for bow lenght adjustment.
The multible cable is one of the features that help to make the Bowmaster one of the most compact portable bow presses on the market.
Just 3.5" when cableis rolledup.
All metal construction.
Easily used in the field with no addittional tools required.
Price: $39.99
Bowmaster Slip Limb adapters
The Bowmater Split limb adapters were designed to adapt to all split limb Bows
Price: $15.99
R S Bow Vise
The RS Bow Vise securely holds your bow in an upright position giving you total hands free mounting of accessories and complete tunning . It gives you flexibility of tipping forward, back or side to side and locking at an angle.
Price: $132.99
Nok EZ Arrow Level
Take the guess work out of nock to be positioned.Finally
! perfect Nock position every time. Place arrow on arrow rest, snaparrow on string, move arrow up or down until arrow is level.
Use with RS Bow Vise
Price: $14.99
RS String Level
For use with the Nok EZ Arrow Level. Checks vertical and horizontal position of bow for nock and sight installation. Snap on lower portion of string serving. Use with the RS Bow Vise
Price: $14.99
EZE-Eye Alignment Tool
The newest and latest version of our premier bow set-up tool. The EZE-center LTA is going to change the way bows are set up forever.from the first version. The EZE-Center LTA supasses any tool to come before it. Not only can center shot be achieved easily, but because of our testing and manly archers input ,we are pleased to say this is " The Must Have Archery Tool For Every Bowhunter"
The many uses of the EZE-Center LTA includes:
Finding the center shot in seconds
Cam and Limb alignment
Grip torque
Arrow tunning & fletch clearence.
Training tool & practice aid.
Batteries Not Included
Price: $104.99
EZE-Eye Replacement Batteries
Price: $5.99
Apple Pro Saw
The Apple Pro Saw is manufactured with an 800-rpm ball bearing motor that allows faster, cleaner, cooler cuts.
It features a lightweight extruded aluminum base and powder coated base to prevent rust.
Cord and switch is included
Uses 3" blades
Price: $149.99
3" Replacement Bades
Standered and Reinforced
Price: $6.49
E clip Pliers
Remove and install Bow axle 3/16" or 5/32" E-clips. This unique but simple unite makes it so easy you will want to try it over and over again.
Price: $34.99
Saunders Nok Setting Pliers
Pliers for locking nok sets on string to provide positive non-slip hold
Price: $15.99
Universal Crimping Tool
The machined latch keeps the tool closed when not in use.
The wedge crimping action delivers the tightest most consistent crimp available in the industry with less applied force.
The Universal Crimping tool removing lever loosens or completely removes all string accessories in one motion without damaging bow strings or servings.
Price: $28.99
Viper D-Loop Set pliers
Putting on a D loop has never been easier.
Makes the D loop the same each time.
D Loop will not slip or turn
Pre-stretches loop
Price: $24.99
Ultimate Screw Set
Over 300 pieces.
This kit contains a varietly of fasteners to work on any accessories or bow.
Kit contains : E-Clips, swedges, shrink tubing, nock sets, and a vast array of the most commonly used fastener all in a sturdy compartmentalized, polyurethane box.
Price: $62.95
Apple Sight repair Kit
An assortment of flat socket cap srews, socket set screws, and flat head socket caps and nuts, with a high quality Eklind wrench
Price: $45.99
3-D Forever Shooter's Towel
100% sheared cotton terry
Fringed Ends
Complete with corner grommet and hook
11" X 18"
Price: $12.99
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