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Grey Appliance
Repels up to 98% of mosquitoes. Also repels Black flies, No see-ums, flies.
Compact, Cordless and portable . Take it anywhere
Provides 15'X15 ' Bug Free zone
Oder Free- undetectable to animals
Effective allternative to smelly lotions and sprays which may be applied
Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, barbeques and all outdoor activities
Price: $25.49
Olive Appliance
Stay mosquito free with the TermaCell Olive appliance. Odderless protection from mosquitoes, flies, no see-ums. It gives off no scent making it ideal for all situations.
Price: $25.49
Realtree Camo Appliance
Realtree Camo is great hunting , blending in with your camo apparel.
Price: $25.49
Woodlands Camo Applance
all of the above
Price: $25.49
Single Refill Pack
Offers 12 hours of protection. Each cartridge last up to 12 hrs
Each mat last 4 hrs
contains one cartridge and three mats
Avaialable in Original
Price: $6.99
Value Pack Refill
Provides 48 hrs of protection
Contains fuor butane cartridges and twelve mats
48 hrs for the price of 36 hrs
Available in original and earth scent
Price: $19.99
Two Butane Refill Pack
The need for the extra butane refills is that some people may run out before running out of mats
By leaving the appliance or lantern in the on position or possibly not changing the mats when needed.
Price: $6.99
Outdoor Lantern
Eight LED lights, with two illuminating settings.
Twice as much as privious ThermaCell lanterns
Easy grip handle
15'X15' comfort zone
weighing only 13oz
Light operates on 4 AA batteries ( not included)
Price: $31.99
Outdoor Patio Lantern
Provides a 15' X 15' comfort circle approx. the size of an average patio.
Dual use product repellent and light can be used together.
Silent, portable, oder free
perfect for backyard barbeques, patio, picnics
Price: $31.99
Real Tree APG Holster
Straps on to carry appliance with room for extra butane cartridge and mats. easily change out cartridge and mats without removing appliance from holster
Price: $14.99
Olive Accessory Holster
Olive holster is great those not looking for the camo. Has all of the same accessory. Great for camping , fishing etc.
Price: $10.99