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Byte Headlamp
Power: 35 Lumens
Lamp: 1 Maxbright LED
Burn Time: 96 hrs
Batt: 2 AAA inc.
3 Modes High, Med, Red ultrabright LED to ensure night vision
Price: $18.99
Fuel Headlamp
Power: 43 lumens
Lamp: 4 ultrabright LED's
Burn time: 146 hrs
Batteries: 3 AAA inc
Weight 78g
4 Modes: High, Flash, Medium, Low
Price: $29.99
Remix Headlamp
Power: 70 Lumens
Lamp:1 maxbright LED 3 ultrabright Led's
Burn Time: 200 hrs
Batteries: 3 AAA inc.
Weight 83g
4 Modes
Whether your requirements call for long distance spotting, or close range area light, the remix is up to the task
Price: $38.99
EOS Tactical Headlamp
Power: 45 lumens
Lamp: 1 MaxbrightLED
Burn Time: 121 hrs
Batteries: 3AAA inc
Weight: 103g
complete with an easy-to-change lens filter system designed for specific nighttime activities, red for preserving night vision, Blue for blood tracking and green for hunter safety
Price: $44.99
Quad Tactical Headlamp
Power: 45 lumens
Lamp: 4 Ultrabright LED's
Burn Time: 105 hrs
Batteries: 3 AAA inc
Weight: 101g
5 Modes
Aiming to meet the highly specialized needs of the outdoor sportsmen. With the interchangeable lens coverswhich filter the four ultrabright LED's into Red, Blue, or Green
Price: $34.99
Trident HP Headlamp
Single powered white LED along with 3-safety green LEDs 100,000 hour life.
Water resistant, lightweight thermoplastic construction.
Powered by lithium batteries(included).
One single power LED: 2000 candela (Peak Bean Intensity) 50 lumens measured system output.
Camo models: One safety green LED: 2.5 lumens, Three safety green LEDs: 8 lumens.
Includes elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap.
Runs up to 7-hours on one Power LED and up. 160 hours on single LED.
Width: 2.55" Depth: 2.53".
Weight: 4.64 oz.
Price: $42.50
Camo Styles:
Apex Headlamp
Power: 200 lumens
Lamp: 1 Maxbright LED 4 Ultrabright LED's
Burn Time: 150 hrs
Batteries: 4 AAA inc
Weight: 279g
The Apex provides either a powerful spot beam or a bright flood, and switching between the two is incredibly easy
Price: $88.99
LED Options:
Pack your headlamp in this lightweight zippered case.
Fits the Byte, Fuel, Remix, Quad, EOS, TAC Quad,TAC EOS and Remix Pro
Price: $9.99
Gerber Iris Flashlight
The waterproof, imapct-resistant Iris is a beacon in your palm. The adjustable beam has an internal spot-to-flood mechanism while the body features a textured surface wuith raised features for improved grip. Recessed rubber push-button tail-cap switch prevents accidental turn on. Uses commonly available AA batteries. IPx4 (weatherproof), CE & RoHS certified.
Price: $34.49
Gerber gametracker light
Trax Blood Tracking Technology.
Green/Red Light Color.
50 Lumens, Run Time 5-Hours on 4
"AA" Batteries.
Overall Length: 6.88", Weight: 6.7 ozs.
Price: $44.95
Instant Ignighter lantern
Rugged strength with high output performance. Provides up to 600 candle power. Peizo electronic igniter for matchless lighting. Easy to adjust power output valve. Heat resistant glass globe. Includes Dura Base with tipresistant feet which holds 16.4 ounce disposable propane gas cylinder (not included). Nylon stuff bag included. Color: Black. Each in color display box. NOT intended for indoor use.

Price: $51.99
Buckmasters Packmate W/green
Powered by two 3V CR123A lithium batteries with a shelf life of nearly 10 years. (Included).
C4 LED Technology impervious to shock with 50.000 hour lifetime; plus ultra bright Green LEDs, and 1-Green indicator type 100.000-hour life LED.
High: 4700 candela (Peak Beam Intensity); 125 lumens, up to 15 hrs. 2-green LEDs 3.5 lumens, 1-green indicator: .05 lumens, up to 28 hours.
Push-button tail cap, steady on and momentary on/off operation.
3-position lighting- 2-ultra bright green LEDs 1-low power green for optimum night vision protection, and C4 Power LED.
Diameter: 1.33", Length: 5.43", Weight: 5.44 oz.
Price: $15.99
Camo Type:
U Tube Floating Lantern
Solid state circuitry for long battery life.
Use 4 "D" cell batteries (Not Included).
Bright 7-watt fluorescent U-Tube Bulb.
360º illumination.
Durable ultra clear acrylic and sealed waterproof housing allows lantern to flood.
High-tech silver/black finish.
Price: $34.95
Primos Blind Light
Push button red or green LED lights for use in UTV or Ground Blind.
Durable plastic housing is weather resistant.3-way mounting system: magnet, double stick tape or tie loops
Price: $18.99